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Join Our "Adopt A Mutt" Movement And Help Street Dogs Find A Home And Live A Happy Life!
"Hi there! My name is Catrina."
Thanks for stopping by! You're the person we were looking for! Before I give you all the details of how the "Adopt A Mutt" program works, I want to share with you a video about my story...
There are thousands of dogs with situations just like mine. Dogs abandoned in the streets with no food, no shelter and serious injuries. But thanks to places like Territorio de Zaguates and a company like The Luxe Label, hundreds of dogs (which I now call friends) are being saved and adopted. Nonetheless, we're now over 1300 dogs in Territorio! And we need your help to be able to afford the food, supplies and resources to be able to maintain our new home. That's why we invite you check out the "Adopt A Mutt" program created by The Luxe Label to help us get everything we need to live a happy life!
How The "Adopt a Mutt" Program Works?
1 - Sponsor A Needed Mutt For Just $34.95/Month
Virtually adopt a mutt starting at $34.95/month. A percentage of all the sales is used to help dogs in Territorio de Zaguates with:
  •  Food
  •  Medical Care
  •  Shelter
  •  Love & Fun!
2 - Receive A "Members Only" Product Every Month 
Not only will you be helping us provide all the necessary resources to make sure every dog has a happy life, but you will also receive 1 monthly product from our exclusive "Adopt A Mutt" Collection. Boxes ship the first of every month!
3 - Join Our Private Members Only Facebook Group
Join our private members only Facebook group where we will be sharing photos, videos and news about your sponsored dogs. This way you can see how MUCH impact you will be making. We will also be giving free gifts and giveaways inside the Facebook group!
What's Inside The Box?
Every “Adopt a Mutt” Box comes with a Certificate of your Collab for the mutts! Also With a Unique Themed Collection of: 1 Pair of HIGH quality Socks SUPER Comfy, a pack of stickers and promo’s that change every month to make them unique!
Ready to be a crucial part of the Costa Rican Mutts Life !?
Our Luxe Pack Has Your Back!
If you are not 100% happy with your “Adopt a Mutt “ box and your Collaboration to us you can end your subscription anytime! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Over 1000 Mutts will say Thank YOU
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